Hameau Carbonnelle

Situated just outside the village of Montgardon, Hameau Carbonnelle - a lovingly restored farmhouse dating from the 17th century - is in the heart of the countryside, and yet, just a ten-minute drive from the dunes and beaches of Normandy's (specifically, the Cotentin Peninsula's) western coast and its picturesque towns and villages.

Offering complete seclusion, Hameau Carbonnelle is the perfect place to relax and indulge in this unique region of France and its many historic and gastronomic treats. Getting here is easy, too, as we are only a forty-minute drive from Cherbourg.

If you have any questions, or to make a reservation, please feel free to phone or e-mail. We - your hosts, Ricardo and Mickey Coll - look forward to welcoming you!

Who We Are

Ricardo Coll, yoga teacher, cinematographer and working hand at local oyster farm.
Mickey Coll, gourmet chef, with the makings of a delicious meal!

At the end of the 1990's, we were considering a change of pace from our lives in England. Hameau Carbonnelle was the first property we looked at. It had fallen into neglect and been abandoned, but it was the property we kept returning to, and the one we eventually bought.

Loading up our Land Rover with possessions and daughters, Jessica and Daniela (and beloved dalmatian, Louie), we left England and adopted France as our home.

Of course, there remained the matter of Carbonnelle's disrepair. Rather than hire contractors we decided to renovate the property ourselves, learning whatever skills were needed as they became necessary. In so doing, we came to understand Hameau Carbonnelle better and became a tangible part of its enduring history.

It was important to us to restore Carbonnelle sensitively, recycling as much of its materials as possible. There followed years of cold showers and hand-washed laundry while making the house habitable one room at a time, but the work is now complete and a dilapidated house has become a perfect home, augmented by our son Antoine.